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Critical Technology

First of all, we make the curtain like panel strips with super long fiber out of the original bamboo strips with green and yellow part using our crushing machine with patented intellectural property. Compared with old technology system of making the 2-5mm bamboo fiber cell, we make the bamboo fiber panel with 0.05-0.1mm bamboo fiber cell which is much finer and the spreading of glue can be more even and complete. The bamboo fiber cell is fully covered with glue and is separated from air and in this way mould can not grow so easily to achieve a better anti mould and anti rot characteristic.

Secondly, the organic matter is completely decomposed in the high temperature and pressure; to form a even glue film around the bamboo fiber cell with high pressure air opening the space between the bamboo fiber cell and increasing the incoming tunnel for phenol formaldehyde glue.The glue is cured with high pressure and temperature and get reconstructed with fixed direction to improve and change the strength and durablity.

The raw bamboo after crushing is like the photo shown :