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Installation methods

Installation of exterior BBFC decking

First, Construction Condition: Ground should be smooth and clean. Ground height difference must not exceed 5mm, if the ground difference in height difference is too big , using a bolt adjusted to the same level. 

Second, Installation of keels: Identify the location of the keel and marked "well-shaped structure" or "parallel lines structure" according to the length of decking. Keep the keel space between 350-500mm. The height difference should be controlled within 5mm after keel installation finished. 

Third, Installation of decking 

(1) Fix the fastener to the keels. 

(2) Slid the decking into the fastener. 

(3) Slid the fastener into the other end of the decking and then fixed the fastener on the keels with screws. 

(4) Slid the second decking into the fastener and leave 3-5mm space between the two planks and the installation method of the rest decking is same to the above. 

(5)Seated the edge of decking with fastener and fixed with stainless steel screw. 

Installation of exterior BBFC wall cladding

1.The keel is installed in a parallel line and the keel spacing is generally between 400-500mm. The keel is fastened to the flat wall with an expansion bolt or expansion tube.

2. Once the keel is fixed, the top of the wall cladding shall be fixed on the keel of the wall with stainless steel screws. Then slide up the end of the wall with a fastener. After the fastener is completely buckled, use stainless steel screws to fasten the clips.

3. After installation of the first piece wall cladding, the upper end of the wallboard slides into the groove of the following piece , and so on.

4. When the last wall cladding is installed, the bottom end of the stainless steel screw is fixed directly to the keel. 


1,The appearance of a bamboo terrace can be compared with hardwood species, when exposed to outdoor circumstances, it will turn grey over time creating a very natural, weathered look.

2,If desired after the development of an even patina (approx. 16 Weeks after the first installation finished) the colour can be refreshed by painting with exterior watering oil (such as WOCA or other brand of oil) .The surface area must first be cleaned to ensure there is no dirt and be completely dry. In good weather (no rain!) leave to dry out for 2 hours at least.

3,Please make sure you always read the oil manufacturer’s usage instructions.