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About Us


High Strength

The material along with good strength and stiffness,the MOR is more than 140Mpa and 7 times better than mongolica. With one point under pressure, Zhuji can endure 3-6 Tons. While the MOR of traditional dark carbonized outdoor bamboo decking is only 60Mpa which is half of Zhuji material. 

Super Durablity

The thickness swelling ≤5.0% and width swelling <1.0% tested according to GB/T 30364-2013.This performance keep the worries of bending and cracks away from our outdoor materials.


Tested according to national standard LY /T 1283-1998 and GB/T13942.1-2009,the mass loss rate of Zhuji BBFC decking was only 3-4% after 17 weeks of decay.The corrosion resistance level was grade I, which reached the level of strong corrosion resistance and anti-termite grade..



Tested according to GB/T18261-test methods for mildew prevention of wood mold and discoloration,Zhuji BBFC decking has good performance of mildew resistance after 4weeks. The affected area was less than 1/4 and no blue stain fungi was found inside of the material. The destroy value of samples was 0.17% and mildew resistance was 95.8%.