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Common knowledge of bamboo flooring cleaning and maintenance

Posttime:2017-11-20 01:11  Views:3680

     Proper use and maintenance is very important to keep the bamboo flooring beautiful and durable. In recent years, with the development of bamboo processing industry, more and more users use bamboo flooring, and consumers are more and more satisfied with this product. However, because some users do not know much about the maintenance of bamboo flooring, there are also complaints about problems arising from the use of bamboo flooring. In this case, both manufacturers need to do a good job after-sales service, but also need consumers to understand the use of knowledge, in order to maintain the interests of both sides of production and marketing. Bamboo flooring in daily use should pay attention to the following points:

(1) keep indoor ventilation and dry environment

Regularly maintain indoor ventilation, can make chemical materials in the floor to the volatile, row to outdoor, and can make the exchange of indoor and outdoor air humidity. Especially in the long period of no living, maintenance, the indoor ventilation and ventilation is more important. Common practice is: often open windows or doors, so that air convection, or the use of air conditioning systems and ventilation systems, so as to create indoor clean and dry environment.

(2) avoid sun exposure and rain

The local area some housing sunshine or rain into the room from the window directly, which will harm the bamboo floor. Sunlight will accelerate the aging of paint and glue, and cause dry shrinkage and cracking of the floor. After the rain is soaked, bamboo absorbs water and causes swelling and deformation, and it also causes the floor to become moldy. Therefore, we should pay special attention to it in daily use.

(3) avoid damaging the surface of the floor

The decorative layer bamboo floor is the floor paint, and a protective layer, so the floor, should avoid the hard object collision, sharp scratches, metal friction, chemical items cannot be stored in the room. In addition, indoor furniture in handling, moving should be handled with care, furniture feet should be placed rubber skin and so on. In public places, carpets should be laid on main passages.

(4) proper cleaning and handling

In daily use, should regularly clean the floor, keep the floor clean. When cleaning, can be used to clean the brooms sweep dust and debris, and then wring water dishcloth wipe, if the area is too large, can be washed clean and Butuo, hang up to drip water, used to haul the net ground. It can not be washed with water or wet cloth or mop. Usually if there is a material containing water spilled in the ground, should immediately wipe with dry cloth.

If the conditions permit, you can also interval a period of time to build a floor wax, to strengthen the protection of the floor. If the paint surface is damaged, you can make it up with ordinary varnish or ask the manufacturer to repair it.