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"Bamboo winding" opens up a new field of bamboo application

Posttime:2017-11-20 01:11  Views:3949


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     In December 14th, the international Taketo organization and the national forestry bureau bamboo winding composite engineering technology research center signed a memorandum of cooperation and a cooperation agreement in Beijing. According to the memorandum of cooperation, the two sides will set up special funds to jointly carry out the development, demonstration, training and exchange activities with bamboo, especially bamboo winding composite materials.

   Feng Jiaping, a chief engineer of the State Forestry Administration, said that bamboo filament winding composites, as a new type of bio based materials, opened up a new field of bamboo application. The ripening and extension of its scientific and technological achievements will be of great significance to change the traditional bamboo processing industry structure model, realize the green development of energy conservation and emission reduction, cultivate and develop strategic emerging industries, improve the technical level of the industry and national competitiveness.

     The international organization director general Fenns Taketo said the bamboo composite technologies has great potential, is one of the key technologies to promote the development of bamboo industry in the world, its application and promotion will greatly enhance the bamboo as the new century, the value of the material, have an important impact on the China, including the national bamboo bamboo industry development. Through the cooperation between the two sides, speed up the application and promotion of bamboo winding technology worldwide.

     According to the cooperation agreement, the two sides in cooperation to promote bamboo winding technology development and domestic and international exchanges, international Taketo members of the organization to carry out related capacity building and technical training, will also promote the application of bamboo in the global environmental protection, poverty alleviation, inclusive project in sustainable development, sharing and bamboo development related knowledge and information etc. thus, to jointly promote and seek long-term cooperation.

This is the signing ceremony

   Bamboo composite material with bamboo as raw material, making full use of the characteristics of bamboo longitudinal tensile strength, new bio based materials formed by the winding process, the utility model can be widely used in the pipeline, pipe rack, container transportation and modern architecture and other fields, has great potential in improving the value of bamboo wood. China is rich in bamboo resources, and the development of bamboo winding composite material industry is of great practical significance to revitalize renewable and fast-growing bamboo forest resources, solve the "three rural issues", designated poverty alleviation and precise poverty alleviation.